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HAVLÍČKŮV BROD Čarodějka 13/3

OSTRAVA Dock 14/3

PÍSEK Balzám café 20/3

JIHLAVA Divadelní klub 27/3

BENEŠOV Benecafe 18/4

ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE kavárna Matice 24/4

PRAHA jazz club U start paní 30/4

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Current wonderful news

We’ve released our second CD. It is authentic and recorded live inside the recording studio. We’ve called it Bez retuší (Without retouches), because that is exactly how we deliver our songs to the audience at concerts. It was an amazing experience and we hope we managed to transfer the wonderful atmosphere from the studio to the tracks. Listen to our music, check out the videoclips which we shot at the recording. Also, with the release of our album we are going on tour! If you feel like it and have time, make sure to come to one of our concerts.

You can order the album here on our websites, or you can check it out online, using some of the streaming apps (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google play music etc.)

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